About Leoroc

Leoroc Technology Pvt.Ltd.
Leoroc Technology Pvt.Ltd.

Our Mission
Our mission to drive the promotion of our products right from urban spaces to the remotest parts of the country, so as to ensure safety and facilitation of every aid to the needy who is on the move.

Leoroc Technology Pvt.Ltd.

Our Vision
Creating a safe, secure and traceable driving environment, thereby contributing to reduce the number of casualties resulting out of helplessness and the lack of facilities.

Our Philosophy

Today, when automation is exercising control over most of the human intervened activities, at LeoRoc Technologies Pvt Ltd. our endeavor is enabling perfect automation, thus empowering our clients with precision, cost-effectiveness, coupled up with secure systems. At LeoRoc, from customized products on a smaller scale to catering to large-scale series production, we deal in designing and manufacturing our product to every extent, thereby ensuring that we meet the requirements of our customers.

What are we doing ?

To ensure that help reaches to the person in need. By introducing LR DRIVE and installing it in your vehicle you can ensure arrival of ambulance at the required location in any accident cases.

Who are we ?

We are a young and dynamic organization, full of passion, enthusiasm and an urge to step out in the sun and contribute break-through innovations to the society. Incorporated towards the end of 2017, we boast about being the young and fresh blood of the industry, ready to take up different challenges, and yes, come up with a solution for each of it ! We are a team of qualified professionals who’ve got the required industry experience to design, execute and deliver the product that we deal in, thus working towards the customer’s as well as to the delight of all the stakeholders.

Our Team

Leoroc Founder & Director Abhilash Jadhav

Abhilash Jadhav
Founder & Director.
Hold Patent for the Product

Leoroc Founder & Director Sanket Kute.png

Sanket Kute
Founder & Director.
Hold Patent for the Product

Leoroc Founder & Director Priti Bakale

Priti Bakale
Project Manager & IOT Devloper